Friday, May 9, 2008

young activist poster zine

Hi all, I stopped in the Obama volunteer center today to sign up (my daughter is giving me two days of canvasing together for mothers day!) I talked to the gal, (I'm embarrassed, I want to call her Jen, but I know that's not her name!) who told us about the three boys who are making the posters, she is going to be canvasing with them this weekend and I asked her to ask them if they would be interested in making a zine of their posters and opinions. She said she thought they would be really into it. Does anyone else want to work on this project with me?


nora said...

Emily and I (nora) wanted to do the documentary on them, so we'd love to make contact through you with this, and maybe work together to create a zine documentary.

sanone trombone said...

Hey Nora,this is great. Turns out her name is Jen. I saw her today, but she was busy, I'll see her again tomorrow and ask her what the boys said!