Friday, May 16, 2008


On Wednesday the 14th, I walked north from the lot to the Habitat for Humanity office on Killingsworth and 14th. I sat down with Ron who told me a lot about the organization. He is the construction supervisor of the Portland branch. He said that 70% of labor put into a house's construction is volunteer. He said that the city of Portland is very involved with their process and gives them incentive for creating sustainable housing. Habitat is going to be building two houses this summer that use a plethora of sustainable materials inside and out. He said HFH's concentration was to help below income/single families to purchase affordable homes.
Ron used to work in construction and mortgages, and before that he worked with teens in
Boise, Colorado, and California.
In their office a home owner of one of the HFH houses was there. Her name was Theresa and before she moved into her house she lived in an RV. She is happy to be out of substandard housing and into a safer, cleaner, and more affordable home. She says here overall quality of life has increased and she is happy to have the stability of a home to raise her child in.

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