Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 21st

Last Wednesday we all met at the lot and discussed the primary results from the election the day before. It seemed that all of the people in attendance that day were Obama supporters, so the discussion was enthusiastic. People seemed indifferent by the fact that our mayor elect was a gay man. Not indifferent in a negative way, but no one really had much to say on the topic. We all walked down to Earl's again and talked to him about the election results. He was happy that Obama won and upset that Sho Dozono lost the mayoral bid, but he had a "what can you do about it?" attitude toward it.
Earl told us of a Barbershop down on 13th and Alberta to check out. Most of the people in there were very young and I thought it was nice to hear from people of our age range from that neighborhood. After we went into that barbershop Harrell told us that when he initially went in there to ask them if it was ok if we all came in, they asked who he voted for and they were surprised to hear that he voted for Obama. They had wanted Sho to win. Businesses really liked Sho.

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Anonymous said...

Sho had a very varied coalition of supporters. He is a life-long liberal democrat who attracted dems, reps, students, obama and hilary and mccain supporters and he conducted himself and his campaign with dignity. He was never too busy or dismissive towards anyone wanting to talk and listen. With every person he spoke to, it was clear that he walked the walk. He acknowledged every single persons opinions and inherent dignity. It would have been a great debate for our city had he been able to pull through the primary. I've come to respect the man and his views.