Thursday, May 8, 2008


A few weeks ago Summer and I went to the community cycling center to ask them about the mural on the side of the building. James, who works there, told us that it was painted two summers ago by a local artist named Robin Corbo. A car crashed into the side of the building in December 2007 and part of the mural was ruined and is now blank. I asked him who I should talk to for more information, and he gave me a CCC employee's email. She has yet to get back to me, but I'll wait.

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Anonymous said...

Just checking in: this post was sent my way and I thought I'd write with a brief update.

As yet, the mural has not been restored.

It seems like it should be simple: a person drives their truck through a wall. No one is physically hurt, so things just need to get fixed so we can all move on.

However, there are many parties involved:
The truck driver and his insurance company
The building owner- in this case, an agency, not a person, and their insurance company
The City
Regional Arts Council (funded the mural- hence the City's engagement)
The Community Cycling Center
Robin, the artist

The way all parties are connected?

Robin secured a grant through the Regional Arts Council to install the mural she envisioned. The parties under contract include the building owner and the City.

While the CCC is not legally obligated, we are very committed to the mural's restoration. CCC's admin team and Board Chair are working to get the parties involved on the same page. Once that is done, the parties involved will have decisions to make. We hope they do the right thing and make the mural whole again.

Hope this update helps clear things up; and thanks for your interest and support!

Susan Remmers
Executive Director
Community Cycling Center